About Me

To be honest, that last thing I thought I would do is start a fashion blog, even though I love fashion and beauty, it’s not something I have considered pursuing, but with some support, I’ve decided to start (or rather re-birth) this blog, Vogue Hipster. So here we go, My name is Arin and I live in Los Angeles. In my heart, I am a huge theatre nerd, so hopefully I can incorporate my love for theatre into my love for fashion. I also make a mean avocado toast. On an average weekend, you can probably find me reorganizing my room for the ten-billionth time while also experimenting with new makeup looks. I hope this blog is a nice blend of beauty, fashion, and life styling. I hope you enjoy seeing the world through my eyes!!!

xoxo Arin (aka the Vogue Hipster)IMG_4547.jpg