The Museum of Ice Cream

I started off my summer with visiting probably one of the biggest attractions in LA at the current moment, the Museum of Ice Cream! I heard about the exhibit back when it was in NYC, and I was so thrilled that it came to LA. IMG_3706Despite the look on my face, i’m actually super excited! (Glasses: Quay; Top: Soto; Jeans: Topshop; Shoes: Birkenstock; Bag: Kate Spade)

The exterior of the museum has the appearance of an abandoned warehouse….that’s painted bright pink…

Everyone working at the museum made the experience ten times better. With their bubbly attitude and bright pink outfits, it’s impossible not to have a smile on your face

To keep the blog post from being too long, I’m just going to talk about my three favorite rooms…

  1. The Melted Popsicle RoomIMG_3772I loved this room for the sheer fact that it makes a great laptop desktop picture (joking….ok only a little bit) This room is actually super cool because the popsicles look super real. Also the colors blend really well together and I like the added design of the melting paint streaks to look like the popsicles were actually melting.

2. The Charcoal Ice Cream Cone Room

This room was my absolute favorite, and I honestly can’t tell you why. I think I liked it for the originality of it all. The ice cream stuck on the wall is a mix of creepy, yet cool, and the statue head with the one ice cream melted on top of it, made this room look like it could be in a museum like The Met or MOMA.

3. The Sprinkle Pool Room

I think this is arguably everyone’s favorite room in this museum. I mean who’s dream as child wasn’t swimming in a pool full of sprinkles? I believe that this room was intended for bringing people’s childhood dreams back to life. Even though the sprinkles weren’t real, they were super fun to play with…I even took some home with me!!

Well, I hoped you enjoyed my short, but sweet :), review of the Museum of Ice Cream. Tickets are going fast so get yours now! It is not something to be missed

xoxo The Vogue Hipster